We have been many times in Norway but it taked  some time  to find the beautiful Vardo. Now we have visited there many times. Also in the winter.

We have explored also Hamningberg.  Both places are absolutely amazing.

The whole nature is so unique and beautiful. It's a paradise for nature photographer. And if you don't like take photos you can only enjoy the sea, scenery, rocks, birds, flowers etc.  Or just listen to the silince.

After visiting in Vardo we confirm ourself  that this was the last visit for long time but after few months we are longing back!  We have thousands of photos. We hope that you will enjoy with these photos taken in summer and winter during 2007-2010.

I am a finnish nature photographer. I live in Esbo near Helsinki. I have photographed nature over 30 years.  

You can find our other photos in my website http://www.karinkuvat.com

Best regards,

Kari and Pirjo Ehonsalo

Visited in Vardo summmer 2007, 2008, summer and winter 2009, summer and autumn 2010.